Mediation Not Litigation Can Be Practical and Friendlier Solution

Many people assume that litigation is the only way to resolve a difficult dispute. But there is another, often better alternative — mediation. [Read more]


Martha's Vineyard Mediation Program (MVMP) is a court-approved mediation program. We are approved by the Commonwealth to handle cases referred by the District Court, the Probate and Family Court, and the Superior Court on the Island. Our office is located in Vineyard Haven [see map & details]


MVMP, also called the Martha's Vineyard Center for Dispute Resolution, was founded in 1984, and was originally known as the Edgartown District Court Mediation Program. In 1990, the program expanded to accept cases from the community of Dukes County. [Read more]


In addition to handling court referrals, our mediators work on community conflicts involving neighbors, landlords and tenants, homeowners and contractors, business owners, parents and children, partners, spouses and elders.


We also offer facilitation for large or small meetings, as well as coaching and training in conflict skills for individuals and groups. [Training & Workshops]


The parties agree to meet with a mediator in a private setting for a confidential discussion. Typically, one of the parties describes what’s going on, without interruption. Then the other person gets a turn. Mediators are trained to help people with difficult conversations and provide a constructive exchange about how the dispute might be resolved. The mediators may ask questions to help clarify the situation and to encourage each party to identify possible solutions to the problem. If the parties reach an agreement, the mediators help them produce a written agreement. MVMP uses a co-mediation model and normally assigns two mediators to each case. [Read more in FAQs]