Listed are a few examples of training and workshops we offer. Please check our website, local listings and flyers for dates and specifics on the next training and workshops.

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Advanced Training and Professional Development

Massachusetts law—Rule 8—requires working mediators to advance their learning each year. We offer lively, participatory and collegial workshops to qualified mediators throughout the year. Recent topics are: ethics and neutrality, family property, questioning and negotiation, stages of mediation.

Introduction to Mediation


This training is designed for those who want to learn the general practice of mediation. It examines the procedures, skills and strategies used by mediators. The training is highly interactive and is approved by the Massachusetts Bar Association. Once participants complete this 30-hour course and apprentice, newly qualified mediators may join the MVMP mediator roster.

Elder Affairs Training

Training includes a curriculum for both the professional who is trained in mediation and the professional who is in Eldercare. Subjects covered are: characteristics and challenges of Elder/Adult family mediation, working with large, dispersed family groups, obstacles to bringing parties to the table, and mediator neutrality and other ethical challenges.

Landlord / Tenant Workshop

The workshop covers a wide variety of topics including for Landords and Tenants: When rents can be raised (rent regulation), good cause required for evictions, interest on security deposits, common lease problems, resolving habitability issues, sub-leasing and sub-tenancies. Rent control and eviction protections, getting security deposits back, dealing with habitability problems, breaking leases, resolving roommate issues and mediating landlord/tenant disputes.

Workplace Conflict Training

This training is designed for managers, supervisors, team leaders, human resource personnel and customer service staff. The workshop teaches a proven problem-solving model and practical skills to help deal with conflict between staff, management, and customers.

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A grant from Cape Cod 5 Foundation supported training for volunteer MVMP mediators in family / divorce mediation.