Veterans Mediation

MVMP assists veterans, our national heroes, to resolve a wide variety of issues they experience when they return home from active duty. MVMP provides professional mediation services to resolve their conflicts, quickly and confidentially.

Mediation for Veterans

Unique issues exist between returning veterans and family members as well as with the community. These issues can present a challenge to mediators who are not familiar with the culture or experiences of military personnel. MVMP has trained veterans as co-mediators, believing that the presence of a veteran co-mediator who has credibility with the veteran party and is able to understand the complex issues that arise in families after re-entry can ease many conflicts. Each veteran mediator is matched with an experienced family mediator, and together they enable the parties to normalize their emotions, tell their stories, frame the issues and set their goals. The parties then clarify the meaning behind what they want and engage in a problem solving process to gain some resolution.

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